Lynn and Princess Independence

Lynn Hummer

Founder. CEO. President

The Sanctuary at Pregnant Mare Rescue
( Founder, President, Pregnant Mare Rescue)

In 2006 upon discovering that over 100,000 American horses were being sent to slaughter in Canada and Mexico, Lynn Hummer decided to get involved. She founded the rescue in May of 2006, relocated her family to Santa Cruz County, applied for non-profit status, and began pulling pregnant mares out of harm’s way.

While working full time, and raising a family she remained relentless to the goal; saving pregnant mares and orphaned foals from abuse, abandonment, and a trip to the slaughterhouse.

Then the miracles began to happen. The rescued horses demonstrated their gifts of healing and comfort. It has been well documented the remarkable and life-changing experiences horses share in a therapeutic setting. We started developing children’s programs enabling the unwanted horse to heal the troubled child.

Our experiences have been so profound, so healing, and life-changing for so many, that we felt it was time to share the miracles with everyone.

The Sanctuary at Pregnant Mare Rescue Pastures is the next step in bringing the magic to all.

denna and Kat

Denna Kelley

Equine Meditation Specialist

A life spent amongst horses teaches one many things. Perhaps the most valuable is a newfound awareness of their multiple unspoken gifts.

​Horses are so much more than tools to be ridden. And while that is a joyous activity indeed, that is truly only the beginning.

​Denna has immersed herself in an experience that only now, 2000 years into our relationship with the horse, the true horse whisperers themselves are discovering.

​These discoveries create the most magnificent awareness. Whether you want to ride better, love better, heal faster or simply begin to understand what horses are really about, this is the place to start.

​A Few Words from Our Horse Master…

I have supported many horses through various traumas. I have 20+ years working with horses in, many disciplines. My love for horses has been lifelong.

However, when I began volunteering for Pregnant Mare Rescue, I found the horse’s healing process extremely eye-opening. I learned more about horses in 9 yrs of rescue than I had in all my years in equestrian competition. Working side by side with these horses is a spiritually enlightening journey, that I wish to share. The magic that horses offer us… in their grace, beauty & peaceful nature, is undeniable & profound.


The Sanctuary at Pregnant Mare Rescue

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