The Calif. coast can get foggy, even during the summer months, so we recommend wearing layers. A lightweight shirt, followed by an outer layer, and lastly a jacket. Cubbies are provided to safely leave purses and extra clothing behind. Shoes must cover your toes. (Bring flip flops for the beach!) You will need tennis shoes, boots, any shoe covering your toes. (Note: Morning grasses can be wet so don’t choose your favorite pair of shoes!)

Sunglasses, perhaps a hat, and sunscreen all come in handy.

Our horses and goats are exceptional ambassadors of their respective breeds. They are well behaved, and do their job very well.

You are not required to touch any animal all day, it remains your choice. Even observers enjoy the experience. You can just come along, breathe the fresh air, enjoy all that mother nature has to offer. The beach is stunning with vistas of Monterey Bay. Our pasture is 8 acres of flat walkable grass. Keep an eye out! You may see a huge jack rabbit bound right by!

We provide a full lunch served at noon. If you’d like to bring a carrot or apple for the horses, they would love it.
This is an extremey organic, non commercialized experience. Alcohol and animals do not mix well. We ask that you wait until your day has ended before having a drink. You are welcome to enjoy a drink once your interactions are done for the day.
Of course! The opportunities for taking pictures are immense! We just ask that you turn your phone on silent, and not conduct any business during the sessions to keep the entire experience organic. It is truly a mini get-away!

Yes we provide a shuttle servcie to get you on the sand, and back to the pasture!

Monday thru Friday our operations are set up for a full day event . To book ‘Meditation with Horses’, or ‘Walk on the Beach’ our hosts are available after 5pm weekdays or on weekends.

Please reach out to them individualy to book.

Denna Kelley (horses) 831-840-9312

Billie Thibodeau (goats) 707-495-2094

Parents are encouraged to bring their children another time to enjoy a session with Denna or Billie. Our hosts are wonderful at gearing the experience for the little ones!

Unfortunately, for safety purposes and insurance we must keep the group together at al times. But if you’d like to repeat the “horses’ segment, or repeat the “goats’ segment , you can do that.


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